Top 10 movies

Just as with the top 10 list of books there can be a lot of discussion about this list.

These are movies that made an impact in my life and inspired me. It is not a list of “The best” movies.

So here we go:

  1. Nosferatu the original version (This was the first horror movie I ever saw and it solidified my love for horror. I was 6.)
  2. The Lost Boys (I love this movie, it scared the crap out of me as a little boy. I actually slept with holly water after this.)
  3. Dawn of the Dead ( Yes, Night Of is a classic and I loved it , but Dawn of the dead is my favorite. All Hail G. Romero)
  4. Army Of Darkness (This is my Boomstick, I watch this movie every year. I can not count how many times I have seen it. Hail to the king baby)
  5. The Cabin in the Woods ( The love for the genre just oozes of the screen, the making of was a cherry on top. Love it Love it Love it)
  6. Pan’s Labyrinth ( It is just a master piece, ART, Guilermo Del Toro is amazing and I love his work.)
  7. Saving Private Ryan (This is the only movie that ever made me cry. At the end, when he asks if he lived a good life. As a former soldier it hit home so hard.)
  8. Black Hawk Down (This movie is the only one that ever made me feel like I was in it again and it makes me feel sad for many reasons)
  9. Star Wars  4,5,6 (Tons of memories and so much fun, I love Star wars 4,5,6)
  10. Lords Of The Rings Trilogy (Brilliant Peter Jackson. Such an inspiration and lover of cinematography)

There you go, and I need to mention The Professional as a close runner up to the list together with The Fifth Element.



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