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Posted: February 25, 2016 in Uncategorized

~ Chris Flemish ~

Your protagonist and his longtime girlfriend have finally decided to get married. It’s a emotional day for both of them. Write their wedding ceremony.
Make it funny,unusual,real,gory, whatever you want.
Give it an extreme emotional highpoint.

Feel free to share your story.

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Yes I have been absent for a few weeks.
I have a valid excuse. I am a writer.
Sometimes I need to seclude myself. I have 3 chapters left to finish my latest book Diablo Canyon and it needs my full attention. Also I’m still doing my 14 hr a day day job plus I have a family to run. We had baby goats and baby rabbits an a crazy snowstorm.
I am also working on a Movie script with a studio and a TV series.

I do keep thinking about you unknown Internet friends 😉

So I hope you will enjoy this exercise. May it stimulate you to new heights.

Write about the day that the pig decided to escape the farm.

It can be funny, scary, dark or very light.

Try to write it from the pigs point of view.



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I have to say I’m not the biggest fan of winter. Some people love it. I’d love it if I had enough money I’d never have to leave the door. Just sit inside with the heat on an watch the birds outside.

Reality is I do need to go outside because otherwise there won’t be any money flowing in to pay the bills.
And snow and ice makes everything harder.

One thing I do enjoy is that it sometimes gives you good pictures.

Stay warm.







More goat news

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Here a few more pictures of our baby goats. It is a little chilly so they now have sweaters.




So after a few days off, I have a new exercise for you.

Think of a restaurant or the kitchen of the restaurant, maybe even a store where there is a limited supply of an item you want.

Create an encounter between the three characters whose motives are at odds with one another. Perhaps two characters will partner up, or they might all want something different.
Then, introduce a fourth character whose motives are totally unrelated to the other three.

Have fun with it and feel free to share your exercise.

Check out my book the Devil’s Whorehouse on Amazon.



Are miniature goats are having baby and when they are just born I spend all day with them To make sure they are feeding and healthy.

So there is the reason why I have been MIA


So the weekend is lurking, what to do, what to do?

Write of course.

Here is your exercise.

You are on your way to meet someone from your past. You are nervous about it.

Create a flashback that explains the your relationship and why you are anxious about it.