Posted: January 17, 2014 in authors, books, Uncategorized, writing
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Another great tip from the great pep talks, warnings and screeds book.

Saying “I don’t like to read other writers’ works, because it’ll affect my own style and voice” is a ludicrous and lazy comment. You will always be affected by someone else’s style and voice, unless you plan to invent a brand new language of words unknown to any other human being. Read all of the contemporary writers being published. It’ll seep into your consciousness in a mysterious way, and will make you a better writer.

As so many writers and writer books say to write you need two things.
You need to read and you need to write.
I always found this stupid advice. Like DUH! But it really is all you can do. Read as much as you can, various styles and write. Even if its not good. Write an get better.
Good luck. I’m diving back into my novel that just passed the 40,000 words mark.




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