Freezing cold and what to do?

Posted: January 7, 2014 in books
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Yes it’s freezing cold. 5F,-14C
Coming from CA it can be a shock to the system. On e in a while we would have a few days of 32F or 0C.

So what to do?????

Well it depends. Do you have to go to work or are you lucky enough to stay home today. (I’m not )

If you have no option but to go to work. Make the best of it and be very careful in traffic. I take the train and Ice was forming on the inside of the windows. But I had some good music playing on my IPod an had a hot chocolate so hey, who am I too complain. Now inside its warm and I am just waiting to go home again.

If you are not at work. I’d say get comfy. Play with your dogs,cats,parrots, whatever kind I let you have. Do something you normally wouldn’t do. Watch a movie, try cooking a new recipe, call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while.
My favorite thing to do is to pick up a nice book, run a warm bath and relax.

Whatever works for you. I hope you stay warm and safe and if you don’t know what book to read, give my book The Devil’s Whorehouse a chance. It’s available on Amazon for download.

Have a great week.


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