Veterans Day

Posted: November 12, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I have many emotions that come to play when it comes to Veterans Day.
I come from a military family an served from 96-2003. However this was not in the US Army but on a few occasions we worked together.
I am proud of my heritage and I am proud of my country. I am a big patriot so Veterans Day is very important to me. I wish more people would respect their veterans. It is because o their sacrifice day in, day out that we have all the freedoms so many take for granted.
I know many people are against war, most people in the military are against war. I am against war. But in the world we live in conflict is unavoidable. There are so many nations that would love to see our destruction. Our Nation is strong, we offer freedom and so many chances for prosperity and that is a threat to so many others.
You may or may not like conflict but the men and women who put on their uniform everyday so you have the right to disagree without being stoned to death deserve our respect.

I give my thanks and outmost respect to those who serve, those in uniform, those behind enemy lines. To the thousands in the intelligence field who we will never know, and to the families who suffer when the loved one isn’t there when they need them.
My prayers to the ones who have fallen.

God Bless America


Picture of my Grandad’s and my dog tags.



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