A strange feeling of happy

Posted: October 26, 2012 in Uncategorized
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First of all Thank you for visiting. Second, a disclaimer. I am writing from my phone an big fingers and small screens don’t always mix that well. So please forgive me for any screw ups.

Ok so I feel great. It weird, I don’t always feel that way. Most of the time I’m stressed. Work, writing, future plans. I do agree that I myself am the leading cause of all of this. However that is my personality. If I sit still ill die.
I released my book yesterday and thank you o all who read it or downloaded or tweeted about it. Thank you.
It is really giving me a great feeling of accomplishment. It has almost been two years since I started this journey to create and finish The Devil’s Whorehouse. And seeing it published is amazing. My writing journey has been going on a little longer. I’m still working on my original novel Diablo Canyon. It is hard to find the time and the story fights with me like a lubbed up Turkish wrestler. Some days I spit out 30 pages, then for months nothing. The devil of Diablo canyon hates me. I need to kill him.
I hope to post more soon as I will be going to the day of the dead celebrations here in LA.
My favorite day of the year.
Thanks again. Spread the word and keep coming back.


  1. Cool decoration. Also, cool book titles.

    • cflemish says:

      Thanks. The book is for free on Amazon for the next 5 days.
      Yes day of the dead stuff is kick ass.
      If you ever come to LA find Olvera street it is loads with that sort of stuff

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