Animals make your life better.

Posted: October 22, 2012 in Uncategorized
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One thing you will find out about me if you continue to travel with me is that I love animals. Big, small, creepy or just soft and cuddly. My favorite dog ( yes I have a favorite) is Pumpkin. She is a blind mix. 3 years ago next week we picked her up from the shelter. My wife works in a shelter and we do a lot of rehab of animals. I was home recovering from eye surgery and here comes this cute blind puppy. Six weeks long we spend every single minute together. She now runs and jumps as any normal ( boring ) dog does. I will find a way to post this. It is hilarious and cute at the same time. We named her pumpkin o course because we got her a few days before Halloween. As if my bond with her wasn’t strong enough several months into the new year she got a stroke and died in front of me. She was shaking and lost her bowels. I checked for pulse and breathing. Nothing. She was gone and her gums were grey. I grabbed her, put her mouth and nose in mine and performed CPR on her. (I’m a former fire chief) after the second series of compressions she came back. Shacking and shivering but she was back. I washed her and held her on my lap all day. She never got this again. Needles to say pumpkin and I are really close.
Adopt a dog, preferably on with special needs cause they are special in every way. Follow me on twitter @wookie198 or on Facebook cflemish. And you will see pictures of her fly by frequently. Thanks for following.


  1. getwaggit says:

    +1 for special needs dogs

  2. That is a touching story šŸ™‚ Hey just so you know I just nomimated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. It’s up to you if you play along but keep doing what you’re doing!

  3. So, Chris, you’ve been so great about retweeting my tweets, I decided to come to your blog. Great, first post has me blubbering like a 6’4″, 275-pound little girl. I am a sucker for dogs, they are great souls and they do make your life better. I have two pugs, Sylvia and Sadie. Knowing what my bond is with these two girls, I can only imagine the bond you’ve forged with Pumpkin. Great story. I will have to read more of your stuff. Thanks, man!

  4. Jeannie Rae says:

    Could not agree more. I have three rescue dogs myself, 2 Pits & a German Shepherd mix–all girls. I hadn’t had pets before my “ladies” and I tell you, I had no idea what I was missing. They have enriched my life in so many ways that it’s hard to really quantify. Thanks for sharing story and your bond with Pumpkin with us. She is lucky to have you as her human, & I’m pretty sure you feel lucky to have her as your dog.

    • cflemish says:

      Hi Jeannie,
      Thank you for your reply and thank you for rescuing dogs. I love dogs to me the are very important.
      You can say a lot about a society judging by the way they treat animals and their elderly. Based on that we have a long way to go. Cheers and please spread the word and come back often.

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